The party planner’s urban escape

For event organizer Miguel A. Miñana, home is a quiet condo unit with priceless keepsakes and a room dedicated to his favorite city.

By: Dennis Ladaw
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 04:16 AM April 26, 2017

The building’s roof deck, which is part of Miñana’s condo unit, has a lanai where he hosts intimate get-togethers with friends and family. The open deck gives an expansive view of the city skyline.—PHOTOS BY PAUL SAN JUAN

A party becomes the only game in town when it’s thrown by Miguel A. Miñana. People know him for this, so when they’re looking to host a special event, they call on Miñana, whose expertise in designing and planning huge celebrations is the stuff of legend.

Thus, it’s an irony that the man actually lives quietly in his brand-new condo unit in the city. It’s a spacious and comfortable two-bedroom affair with an airy dining and living area.

For a bachelor’s pad, it’s surprisingly subdued and cozy, considering its resident is accustomed to organizing lavish festivities in grand ballrooms and arenas.

“I wanted a place that could serve as an escape from my work,” he explained. “You will notice, there are no pictures or any souvenirs that would remind me of what I do for a living. This is my place of retreat; only things that express my personality, and pictures of family and friends adorn the place.”
Miñana’s personality is far removed from what one might expect of an events specialist. No loud showman or flamboyant host with the most, he’s a soft-spoken and approachable gentleman—and his home’s interiors mirror his subdued demeanor. His home follows the modern look, white walls and large glass windows that bring in natural light.
Green ferns add a certain grace to the surroundings, while vintage furniture and accessories provide character and substance.

Elegant dining area

Comfortable and relaxing
“The place is comfortable and relaxing. I didn’t want to live in a showcase apartment. What I want is place that is informal and easy to look at and live in. I used to reside in another condo just a few blocks away, and most of the furniture you see in this unit came from that place. There’s hardly anything new here,” he said.

Older pieces such as religious images, sculptures and paintings were acquired through the years from his travels abroad and local shops. Others were presents from dear friends and relatives.

Miñana has a knack for choosing and placing objects in their ideal spot, which makes his home a showroom of a refined selection of artworks and artifacts.

While he has the ability to create opulent surroundings in his work, he also has a talent for producing a tastefully serene home environment. He comes from a family with an eye for style; his brother is leading architect, Emmanuel “Manny” Miñana.

“I’ve always had a preference for the modern style but only up to a certain point,” he said. “Most times, the modern theme can actually look cold and somewhat boring. So the furniture and pieces I own, I made them serve as accents for this streamlined look.”

The den is a departure from the minimalist look. An entertainment and TV room, it has a CD player, DVD player, a flat screen TV and his collection of movies. Unlike the rest of the unit, this entertainment room has a brick wall and is adorned with various memorabilia.

Den is the “New York Room.”

‘New York room’
“I call this my New York room,” he happily pointed out. “We installed bricks to capture the flavor of a typical New York apartment. New York City is my favorite city and I try to visit as often as possible, to enjoy the sights and catch the latest Broadway shows.”

Posters and tickets to these shows are framed and displayed on the brick wall. The most prominent frame is the one that contains his ticket to Sunset Boulevard, which he saw in the mid-’90s when Glenn Close delivered her Tony Award-winning performance.

Another priceless item on display is his ticket to a Barbra Streisand concert in Los Angeles. So memorable was this occasion, he recounted his dream-come-true Barbra experience in an article for Inquirer Lifestyle.

While his place is too small to be a party venue, it actually has the roof deck of the building, which boasts a panoramic view of the Makati skyline and the stunning sunsets.

A small lanai has a new living room set that follows the streamlined look of the building. This lounge area is adorned with plants and other accessories that give the space a relaxed vibe. It’s also an ideal venue for intimate parties, the kind of get-together preferred by the man who throws the best parties in town.—CONTRIBUTOR

Minimalist living room

Event organizer Miguel Miñana prefers quiet time with his furry housemate.